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    XXCLONE (Legacy Version) Test Drive Request   Form 51-0580

    Thank you for your interest in XXCLONE.   Before making a purchasing decision, you may try out the XXCLONE Test Drive Edition on your system for 30 days on a trial basis.   It is equivalent to the XXCLONE Pro Edition except for the 30-day expiration.

    This is a legacy version (v.0.58.0) of XXCLONE that is made available to those who are in a special circumstance that forces to stay with the Windows NT4 or the Windows 2000 environment.

    Please do not expect any tech support on legacy versions of XXCLONE.   If your Windows version is Windows XP or newer, we strongly advise the use of the most recent version of XXCLONE.

    After a test drive and if you wish to acquire the legacy version of XXCLONE-Pro, please order a "regular" version (the current release version) first, and then send us an Email (via tech support) and ask for the old version.

    XXCLONE Version 0.58.0 Released 2007-02-07

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      Please check similar products you have used.
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    Please be assured that the information you furnish in this form will not be disclosed to a third party.