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Real Testimonials                              

On first attempt with the Beta version of XXCLONE.
My destination drive became a fully bootable disk.
What can I say.   Brilliant work.

  Pat H.

XXCLONE appears to be an excellent product and worked
flawlessly for me.

  Louis L.

My first use of XXCLONE is completed.   This was the
slickest thing I've used in years.   In the past I have
cloned Win98 drives using XCOPY.   I did clone this
drive by that method along with a lot of manual work
after the xcopy operation.   Then I ran across XXCLONE
what a dream!!

  Charley A.

I am a pensioner aged 82 and recently began to suspect that
my primary hard drive was starting to fail. There were frequent
lock up's and the hard drive light would remain permanently on.
I decided that the best action was to clone my 'C' drive to
a new hard disc.  I tried Acronis and Paragon programs and
frankly found them very difficult to understand and I could
not find out how to do the Clone.  Searching Google I found
an article which showed how to do what I wanted using XXClone.
I downloaded XXClone installed it and within an hour and a half
the task was completed.  I cannot thank you enough for such
a useful program.

  John B.

I've tried other tools such as Norton Ghost and NTI's
DriveBackup and what a joy it is not to have to drop
down to DOS or endure lots of re-boots just to do a

  Malcolm S.

I had tried various other "solutions" to replicate
my WinXP disk (hard drive failing, just wanted to copy
all to a new drive before disaster struck, and proceed)
but, besides being annoying and very slow, each one had
some fatal problem.

Ghost requires and annoying re-boot to dos, then it
crashed mysteriously.   The Western Digital disk copy
routine spent 4 hours copying bit by bit then failed
(repeatedly, at the same point) because it couldn't
read some certain directly.   etc. etc. etc.

But XXClone was very easy to use AND it work right
-- the first time.
Congratulations.   Thanks for a job well done!

  Brent H.

It did a perfect job of cloning my XP Pro installation.
A feature that I really like is the option to boot
into either the original or the copy installation....
I am going to keep the old drive as long as practical,
and use it for daily back-ups.

  Thomas M.

Wonderful program!!!!!!!!!!!
My C: drive running WinXP Home had been making some
clicking noises lately, and was very slow to boot when
cold - and fast when warm - not a good sign.   I
bought a larger drive to replace it and decided to use the
MaxBlast software that came with the new drive.  
Couldn't even get an image that would come close to booting,
as WinXP reported the drive as being 0 bytes after the transfer

Next, I tried Drive Image 2002 and V7.0 - both failed to make
a drive that would boot.   DI 2002 took over 4 hours and
the resulting drive would start to boot and gave an XP splash
screen but quit there.   Using DI 7.0 gave the same results,
although the wait was 'only' about 3 1/2 hours to generate the drive
- but it wouldn't complete the boot.

I found your product through a Google search.   Filled
out the info, received my password, and within a half hour, I had
a new drive that booted and ran flawlessly - and booted very quickly!

I'll recommend it to everyone!

  Brian M.

I just wanted to say Thank You for a great product.
Worked the first time it was tried, flawlessly.
Tried 3 other products and yours beat them all.

  Bill G.

I have nothing else to say about your product: Great!
Started building computers about 15 years ago.
Not for commercial purposes, but for my personal use.
I have been trying to keep up with technology, but
sometimes it is hard, when you are using software,
and hardware, not for profit.

After trying Norton Ghost 15, and Drive Image 2000, and
Drive Image 2002, I found myself unable to boot my cloned drive.
I ended up searching Google for something that would allow me
to clone it, for not much money, since a re-installation of the
OS was out of the question.  I found your free version on
a freeware download site.

Kudos to you, and all the staff.

  Manuel V.